Postural Correctives for the Mature Fitness Client: A Webinar with Jillian Hessel

Here is my 60 minute webinar, presented in partnership with The Functional Aging Institute (FAI) , I introduce my B.E.A.M. (Breathe, Energize Align & Move) Fundamentals, as seen in my book, Pilates Basics . The B.E.A.M. Fundamentals teach mature fitness clients (age 50+) how to breathe properly, and how to tone and balance vital core body muscles, helping them maintain a vertical upright posture, especially important as we age! Pilates-based exercise focuses on developing proprioceptive awareness, breath control, precise, supported body alignment & core strengthening. Adding some, or all of these core exercise concepts into your mature client’s (age 50+) fitness routines is an IMPORTANT KEY to maintain balance & grace at any age!