Q. With spring around the corner, how do I reinvigorate my practice?

Pilates Style Magazine, April/May 2019

A. Take your practice outdoors! Start by going for a walk around your neighborhood to scope out areas where you can exercise. For example, find a low wall where you can perform you lung series. A high wall is a great place to do wall pushups or standing streches. Find a stairway you can walk or run up, two stairs at a time, and then hang your heels off a step and do your Reformer Footwork in a vertical position. Often, I will walk to a local public park and find a grassy area to do my Pilates matwork al fresco. I love lying on the grass and looking up at the blue sky through a canopy of green leaves. Many public parks also have a parcourse, where you can do agility, strength and stretching exercises in a circuit.

Another cool way to reinvigorate your practice is to bring it into the water. Most of us probably think of swimming laps, but that is rather boring. However, simply add a couple of props, such as a pool noodle, flotation belt or webbed aqua gloves, and you are all set to take your Pilates practice into the pool. Check your local rec center or YMCA for aquatic classes. There are many types of water-based exercise classes out there, and they are not just for old folks; elite athletes are now discovering the benefits of aquatic cross-training!

Whatever you decide to do to shake up your springtime workout, keep in mind that exercising with one or more buddies is a super motivator. It’s easy to talk to yourself out of a plan you made with only yourself, say, to get up an jour earlier to exercise three mornings a week, but if you’ve made plans with a friend to meet up and exercise together, you’re far less likely to blow off the date. Happy Spring, everyone!