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Jillian is very active in the Pilates community, giving workshops and teaching classes worldwide. If you would like to participate in one of her scheduled classes or workshops, please see her Calendar of Upcoming Events.

Past Workshops with Jillian Hessel: 2007

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ATP Specific Training

January 21, 2007

ATP Training

Jillian taught an Intermediate/Advanced Cadillac workshop at ATP Specific Training.

1942-44 Huntington Drive
South Pasadena, CA
Phone: 626-403-654

Mosaic Physical Therapy

April 21 , 2007

Mosaic Physical Therapy

Jillian taught a class on:

  • The Upper Quarter:
    Neck, Shoulder & Thoracic Spine Workshop taught by Jillian Hessel


Pilates Method Alliance 2007 Educational Conference - Orlando, Florida

November 1-4, 2007

Pilates For Everybody

Pilates Method Alliance 2007 International Educational Conference — 2007

Scheduled Classes:

Asymmetrical Exercises for Asymmetrical Bodies
taught by Jillian Hessel

  • Nov. 2 — 10:30-12:30
  • Nov. 2 — 3:15-5:15
  • Nov. 3 — 1:30-3:30

One of Joseph Pilates' goals was "the uniform muscular development of the body." But how do you design a Pilates program for clients with pronounced muscular asymmetries and imbalances? Often, the muscular imbalances are so pronounced that many of the traditional, bilateral Pilates exercises only serve to further strengthen musculature that is already overdeveloped on these asymmetrical bodies. What sort of exercises can you give to help recruit and stimulate the weak, underdeveloped muscles for these special clients? In this two-hour Lecture/Demonstration, Jillian Hessel will address the "asymmetrical conundrum." You will learn many unilateral exercises on the Trap Table, Step Barrel, and Wunda Chair that can be used to "wake up" weak, underused muscles and mobilize stiff joints. Unilateral exercises can help to "reprogram" muscle recruitment and client proprioception, thereby aiding us in our goal to rebalance the musculature of the asymmetrical body. This workshop is designed for Pilates teachers with at least 5 years of teaching experience.

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