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Jillian is very active in the Pilates community, giving workshops and teaching classes worldwide. If you would like to participate in one of her scheduled classes or workshops, please see her Calendar of Upcoming Events.

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The Women

February 2–4, 2018


Santa Fe, NM

Core Dynamics Pilates

Join Jillian Hessel in Santa Fe this February for an exciting and unique event in the Pilates world.

The Women are — Carola Trier, Kathleen Stanford Grant, Romana Kryzanowska; and one "certain" man, Ron Fletcher. (THE "Certain" Man himself is Joseph H. Pilates, of course!)

You will hear first-hand accounts from those that studied directly with these Pilates luminaries. They will share the knowledge they learned from their mentors and how they took that information and made it their own. And you will leave with a renewed sense of excitement as well as a depth and breadth of knowledge rarely available in today's fast-paced world. Enjoy a unique educational event guaranteed to leave you with a few "AHA" moments!

The event takes place in five studios located in close proximity in Santa Fe. Once you have completed and paid for registration, we will send out a class section form in early November. Priority will be given to attendees based upon registration order. We will of course do our best to accommodate everyone's schedule request. All Movement labs will be a mini workshop/movement class, offering movement sequences and inspiration drawn from the mentors of the instructor presenting the session.

Download the program/schedule (PDF).



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