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Keeping the Flame Mentoring Program - 2017 Sessions

Keeping the Flame Mentoring Program

Beverly Hills, CA

Now Accepting Students for Levels I, II, and III Mentorship Sessions

Level I Sessions (April and June):

Saturday, 04/01/2017 – Monday, 04/03/2017
Saturday, 06/24/2017 – Monday, 06/26/2017

Level II Session (August):

Saturday, 08/26/2017 – Monday, 08/28/2017

Level III Session (October):

Saturday, 10/14/2017 – Monday, 10/16/2017


$995 (per 3-day session)

Could Jillian Become Your Mentor?

Reformer Workshop

Certified Pilates Teachers...

Are you searching for an experienced mentor to broaden your scope of knowledge, and help you create your own unique business approach?

Travel to beautiful Los Angeles to study with 2nd-generation teacher Jillian Hessel for an intensive multi-day immersion program, and continue to work with her as your mentor throughout the year!

Upon completion of the Program, you will receive Continuing Educational Credits.

Jillian with Kathy Grant

Kathy Grant

Jillian with Carola Trier

Carola Trier

Jillian with Ron Fletcher

Ron Fletcher

In Jillian's Own Words

As a hybrid of the masters, I have studied in depth with 1st-generation teachers Kathy Grant, Carola Trier, and Ron Fletcher as well as taken workshops with Eve Gentry, Romana Krysanowa, Lolita San Miguel, and Mary Bowen.

By doing so, I have been passing on the teachings and techniques of the very people that shaped Pilates into its present form; and through them, the wisdom of Joseph Pilates himself has been passed to me.

For almost four decades I have taught Pilates using a range of techniques and have run my own business, The Well-Tempered Workout, Inc., since 1988. To this day, as a former professional ballet dancer and current avid yogini, I continue to instruct wellness through Pilates.

My book, Pilates Basics, is often used as a reference for beginning Pilates teachers, and I have published articles in Pilates Style Magazine and IDEA Pilates Today, among others. I am featured in videos produced by Gaiam, International and have published my own line of DVDs and handbooks for Pilates teachers. In addition, I have several classes up and running on Pilates Anytime.

Now it's my turn to take the knowledge gleaned from 30+ years of teaching and pass it on to the next generation of Pilates teachers! My courses will be small and individualized; but a big part of the training is the opportunity to be mentored by me throughout the year, not only as a teacher but as a business owner. Students can make requests to cover material of particular interest.

See below for program details.

Program Requirements

  • You MUST be a Certified Pilates Teacher (CPT).
  • This is a continuing education course, NOT a certification course.
  • Since these sessions are Continuing Education, you are NOT required to take Level I sessions before Level II, or Level III.
  • You will receive 18 Continuing Education Credits (CECs) upon completion of EACH level.

This program is designed for Fully Certified Pilates Professionals, with a solid background in Anatomy. However, both seasoned and relatively inexperienced teachers are welcome, as long as you are familiar with all the Pilates apparatus and matwork. Plan to progress at your own rate, as we can all learn from one another, and everyone will benefit from the course, no matter your background or previous experience! The most important prerequisite is the desire to learn more, and an open attitude as a Pilates professional, both in your personal practice and as a teacher.

The sessions will be held in Beverly Hills, CA. My passion is teaching, and I look forward to sharing my lifetime of experience with my Keeping the Flame students!

Keeping the Flame with Jillian Hessel

Program Details





Sat., 4/1/2017 –
Mon., 4/3/2017

Sat., 6/24/2017 –
Mon., 06/26/2017

Retreat: Los Angeles, California, is a spectacular vacation destination near stunning beaches and mountains. This 3-day program is an urban retreat, and we will take full advantage of the outdoors. Our sessions will take place (weather permitting) in a lovely garden setting amidst flowers, trees, and grass. We will have access to all Pilates apparatus, and we will work out-of-doors as much as possible. Optional hikes in the nearby Hollywood Hills, along with guided group meditation, will be part of the program.

Inspire: 2nd-generation teacher Jillian Hessel has been teaching Pilates for almost 40 years, and was extremely lucky to have 1st-generation teachers Kathy Grant, Carola Trier, and Ron Fletcher as her mentors. You will have ample opportunity to learn from a "Hybrid of the Masters," and tap into her wealth of expertise and knowledge as you re-formulate and evolve your own personal teaching style to suit your personal vision and the needs of your clients.

Review: Carola Trier always began each session with a Posture Analysis. We will review Client Assessment, to ensure you are designing optimal workouts and progressions with your clients.

Renew: Kathy Grant was a dancer, and dancers believe in warm-ups. Renew your knowledge of Pilates Basics: Jillian has evolved her own Pre-Pilates warmup, the B.E.A.M. Fundamentals, which form the foundation of all the Pilates Repertory.

Recharge: Even committed Pilates teachers need to find a fresh approach to training clients (and ourselves!) day after day, year after year. Ron Fletcher always began his classes with a prayer to his Higher Power, to focus and recharge his teaching and intuition. Actively explore this channel of energy, and learn how it can improve your teaching as well as your clients' receptivity.

Refresh: Enhance your personal Pilates practice in daily group classes. Each retreat is limited to only four participants, so there will be ample time for everyone to receive individualized attention. Jillian specializes in hands-on guidance of individual clients, as taught to her by Kathy Grant and Carola Trier. Get a fresh take from a Master Teacher on your own workout, and refresh your hands-on practice for your private clients. Students will also be broken into small groups to practice and teach one another, mentored by Jillian.

Engage: Meet other focused Pilates professionals and share your experiences together. As the Pilates community continues to grow, it is important to network, get new ideas, and learn from your peers. Jillian will lead practical discussions on various topics, including setting professional boundaries with clients, and the challenge of balancing your personal life with your business.


Sat., 08/26/2017 –
Mon., 08/28/2017

Over the three days of the Level II program, we will focus more deeply on how to teach students from special populations (including post re-hab patients) and corrective exercise for conditions such as scoliosis. We will also take time to discuss different business models, since it is no longer sufficient to be an extraordinary teacher in today's highly competitive fitness world. We need to know how to run a business — and how to market it!

Level II will also be designed to meet the specific needs of the individual participants. Participants are encouraged to bring to the table specific problems or questions about their teaching, or their business, for discussion and problem-solving within the group. Jillian will available for the remainder of 2017 via email or Skype to advise and mentor students completing both Level I and II sessions.


Sat., 10/14/2017 –
Mon., 10/16/2017

Level III will focus specifically on designing a safe and effective Pilates exercise program for clients age 50 and up. There are new program guidelines for training aging seniors, and people are living longer than ever before in history. Aging Baby Boomers represent a formidable group of potential Pilates clients — and they have expendable income. Boomers don't want to sit in their rocking chairs as they age! However, many of the new fitness advisories contradict the Pilates philosophy of "you are as young as your spine is flexible."

Level III will examine the existing workout guidelines within the fitness industry for seniors. Most especially, we will explore modifications to many "contraindicated" Classic Pilates exercises, both on and off the Pilates apparatus, as well as adjunct modalities to keep yourself, and your aging clients, both challenged and fit in the years to come.

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