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Pilates Workout:

"Arm Raises"

from Pilates Basics

Level: Beginner

You'll integrate a simple movement into your breathing practice with Arm Raises. Lifting your arms will facilitate fully inflating your lungs. Concentrate on stabilizing your shoulders down away from your ears even as you raise your arms overhead.

B.E.A.M. Workout


Inhale as you raise your arms over your head and exhale as you lower them to home position.


Visualize a marionette string extended from the crown of your head to the ceiling, and lengthen your spine up out of your hips as the string pulls upward.


Your shoulders should remain vertical over your hips, and your front triangles should remain overlapped as your arms rise overhead.


Step 1

Sit tall with your arms stretched long at the sides of your body, palms facing up and fingertips just off the mat. Exhale all air through your mouth in home position.

Arm Raises - Pilates Exercise Figure 1
Fig. 1

Step 2

Begin inhaling as you raise your arms out to your sides, palms facing up.

Arm Raises - Pilates Exercise Figure 2
Fig. 2

Step 3

Finish the inhalations as your arms arrive overhead, palms facing each other. Use two-way energy. Reach up but keep your shoulders down!

Arm Raises - Pilates Exercise Figure 3
Fig. 3

Step 4

Rotate your palms outward, exhaling to lower your arms to home position, palms facing down. Rotate your palms up to begin again.

Repeat 6 times.

Arm Raises - Pilates Exercise Figure 4
Fig. 4


Coaching Comments


Modify your overhead arm position to a V if you find your shoulders are lifting up.

Body Scan:

Visualize your shoulder blades sliding down into your back pockets.

Avoid hunching your shoulders up around your ears as you raise your arms overhead.

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