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Feedback from a Pilates Student

Wonderful Discoveries

Pilates Pose

You don't know me, but I study at the Center for Pilates at Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland. I have just spent three days watching the 3-video set of the workshop you gave in 2000, and followed along with the handbook.

This is the best stuff I have found in my Pilates travels, and I wanted to thank you. My teacher (and dear friend) Barbara Palmer gave them to me while she is away on vacation; she hasn't actually seen them yet, but she was the one who ordered them.

I have been leaving her a million voice mails about the wonderful discoveries I am making.

We are trained in the Romana version; Barbara is certified, and I'm working towards that, but we have been looking around for something "more" in our work.

This summer we have done some work with Ron Fletcher facilitators in Pennsylvania, and we are doing a 3-day intensive with him this fall at Swarthmore. We are also supposed to work with Kathy Grant in the Fall. It seems like the deeper work is mainly happening in California, though, and I surely wish it were closer.

I was really able to see and understand what your Fundamentals are (we weren't given any in Romana Pilates), and I can really see you applying them in the exercises. It is the first time I have actually understood some of the exercises properly (like Knee Stretches, but also all those times you use the Posterior Pelvic Tilt to initiate the deeper abdominals). I can't wait for Barbara to see these, and we have a Work Day planned for the Sunday she gets back to try to get these Fundamentals into our work.

I am a singer by training, and I know how important it is to have Fundamentals (in singing we call it Techniques) which you can summon up for various kinds of sound and movement. I was really missing this in my Pilates work, but didn't quite know how to articulate that. So Barbara and I have been on a quest for the past six months or so, and I am so grateful for your work. Someday I hope we can manage a lesson with you, someplace, somehow!

This is the best help I have found so far. I really feel like I had a lesson from the videos, they were so meaningful to me. So thanks for making them!

— Thomasin LaMay

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