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Feedback from a Customer

A Turning Point

Pilates Pose

I contacted your studio initially because your intro to matwork book was so helpful in deepening my practice of Pilates that I was moved to thank you personally and, if possible, to have some private sessions to evaluate my form and learn more. I also have some postural issues (tight shoulders, mid-back, etc.) that I wanted help with specifically.

Originally I ordered the Winsor tapes (late one cold snowy night from an infomercial, of course), and then after using them for a few months sought out info on a few other systems (Stott, Ana Caban, etc.).

The real turning point (in terms of solidifying my commitment to consistent practice) came when I ordered your book in April.

What really excited me were the details of the abdominal isolation work that you describe and the fact that the first time I did those isolations (even though I had been doing matwork for over a year and was quite strong already), I felt like someone had been punching me in the gut the next day. That's how effective they were. I wasn't even moving my arms or legs! — I was just lying on my back, doing the long-style breathing and trying to feel what you were describing about the bolts and triangles and zipper, in addition to the navel-to-spine, which I was already familiar with from the other systems.

Looking forward to working with you.

— Lisa M.

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