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It could be you've heard about Pilates and want to learn more, or you're interested in getting a sense of what the exercises are like before adding Pilates to your regular fitness routine. These simple workouts are accessible to almost anyone and are a great introduction to the method. At the end, you'll feel invigorated!

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Pilates Exercise: Arm Raises

Arm Raises

Level: Beginner

In Pilates, correct form starts with proper breathing. In this exercise you'll integrate a movement into your breathing practice in a way that is as simple as it is natural — lifting your arms will facilitate fully inflating your lungs.

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Pilates Exercise: Mermaid


Level: Advanced Beginner

An elegant exercise intended to lengthen and strengthen the muscles that help to form your waistline. In everyday life, the "lateral obliques" are seldom worked. So stretch away and wake up these under-used muscles!

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