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Pilates Style Magazine - May/June 2006

Pilates Style magazine

May/June 2006

Pure Principles — from aching to "beaming
by Randye Hoder

In this profile piece, Jillian Hessel pays homage to her inspirations.
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Fitness Magazine - November 2005

Fitness magazine

November 2005

Pilates abs — no machines required
by Jessica Cassity

Jillian Hessel supplies some Pilates moves that get the same results as the most effective machines.
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Pilates Style Magazine - September 2005

Pilates Style magazine

September/October 2005

Pilates Q & A

Find out from Jillian Hessel what your fitness instructor means by "scooping your abs."
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Beginners Guide to Pilates - July 2004

The Beginner's Guide to Pilates

Published July 2004

Barron's Educational Series
by Sian Williams & Dominique Jansen

Foreword by Jillian Hessel.
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Yoga Journal - April 2004

Yoga Journal

March 2004

The Other Mat
by Stacie Stukin

Exercise instruction by Jillian Hessel: Six great exercises to incorporate into your yoga routine.
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Cooking Light Magazine - October 2003

Cooking Light magazine

October 2003

Personal Coach: Pilates
by Jillian Hessel

Ten classic Pilates mat routines for an invigorating workout.
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Gaiam Lifestyle Magazine - 2003

Gaiam Lifestyle magazine

2003 Premiere Issue

Beaming In to Pilates

A Q&A with Jillian Hessel, whose B.E.A.M. method helps make Pilates easy for just about anyone.
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BBW Magazine - April 1995

Big Beautiful Woman magazine

April 1995

A Whole New Way to Live in and Love Your Body
by Linda Arroz

For feeling great and improving your posture, Pilates is for everybody — whatever your fitness level.
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Prevention Magazine - July 1994

Prevention magazine

July 1994

Give Yourself a Natural Tummy Tuck
by Mark Golin with Michele Toth

Jillian Hessel offers fitness tips for more effective Pilates to help take pounds off your middle — without surgery.
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Los Angeles Reader - June 1993

Los Angeles Reader

June 1993

Pilates Revisited
by Mari Florence and Shelly Madsen

Jillian Hessel Pilates is a refreshing and invigorating change from the usual aerobics and gymnasium workouts.
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