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One of the many benefits of Pilates is that its emphasis on strengthening and proper alignment promotes good posture — the key to graceful and efficient movement. Not surprisingly, then, the exercises themselves have a certain photogenic beauty and elegance in and of themselves. Click on any of the links below to view photo galleries illustrating Jillian Hessel's Pilates career, training techniques, and distinctive style.

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Portrait of a Pilates Master as a Young Ballerina

Before she began teaching Pilates, Jillian was a professional dancer with distinguished international companies such as the School of American Ballet, the Alvin Ailey Dance Center, and the Geneva Ballet. These photos show a few highlights from her career.

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Pilates Pose on Spine Corrector

Pilates Apparatus

Joseph Pilates not only developed the exercise method named after him, but also invented much of the distinctive equipment used in these exercises. In this series of photos, Jillian demonstrates her workout and training techniques on a variety of Pilates machines.

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Pilates Pose on Cadillac

Joseph Pilates' Cadillac

Close-up photo of Jillian Hessel performing an advanced routine on her Cadillac — which was built by Joseph Pilates himself and handed down to Jillian through her mentor, Carola Trier.

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Pilates Beginners Mat Routine

Pilates for Beginners

Filmed on location in Canada's Banff National Park, Jillian's award-winning exercise DVD features both accessible workout routines and stunning scenery. Preview the video in this series of photographs. (And don't miss our free QuickTime clips from the DVD.)

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Pilates Lower Body Workout Routine

Pilates Lower Body Workout

Part 1 of the Body Target: Hips & Thighs DVD, this video was filmed outdoors in the Canadian Rockies. As this image gallery shows, strengthening the lower half of the body is the key to achieving ease and grace in your Pilates movements. (See also these QuickTime clips.)

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Pilates Magic Circle Routines

Magic Circle Routines

This digitally remastered video from 1995 features Jillian Hessel performing some of her favorite isometric exercises using the Magic Circle. The images here show how to have some fun with this portable, inexpensive Pilates apparatus! (See also this QuickTime clip.)

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Carola Shares

Carola Shares

On this archival DVD, learn how Carola Trier came to meet Joseph Pilates, and how her own teaching and special approach to the work evolved. Shot in 1989 after her retirement, this rare footage of Carola in action is all that we have left of her tremendous contribution to Pilates' legacy. (See also these video clips.)

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Learning from Two Masters

Learning from Two Masters

In this updated edition, the original 2-disc set has been compressed into a single enhanced DVD containing nearly 4 hours of footage edited from a 1-day workshop in which Jillian conveys the teaching strengths of her mentors, Kathy Grant & Carola Trier — two of Joseph Pilates' most revered students. (See also these video clips.)

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