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Step Barrel/Spine Corrector Exercises

as taught by Jillian Hessel

DVD: Step Barrel Spine Corrector
DVD Video

Now on DVD for the first time! This digitally remastered video from 1995 features Jillian Hessel as she performs classic and signature exercises on a Step Barrel apparatus built by Balanced Body.

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Make the most of your time on this incredibly versatile Pilates apparatus.

About the DVD

Running time: 25 minutes
Level: Teacher, Intermediate Student and Up
Publisher: The Well-Tempered Workout

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The Step Barrel is an amazing, versatile, and compact piece of exercise equipment. The original design is by Joseph Pilates, so naturally this ingenious apparatus provides great variations for many of the Classic Mat exercises, such as Roll-Up and Roll-Over. However, there are also many exercises unique to the Step Barrel that work the body at every possible angle you can imagine! If you (or your clients) are bored with your "same old" Mat routine, get off your mat and try this challenging and fun Step Barrel routine designed by Jillian Hessel.

Pilates Small Barrel

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Routine on this clip:
Port de Bras Arms.

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Follow along in Step Barrel/Spine Corrector as Jillian Hessel performs:

  • Port de Bras Arms
  • Roll-up
  • Running
  • Scissors
  • Bicycle
  • Fish
  • Roll-Over
  • Small Bridge with Battements
  • High Bridge
  • Corkscrew
  • Side Scissors
  • Helicopter
  • Back, Arm & Leg Extensions
  • Swimming
  • Grasshopper
  • Scapula Mobilization
  • Diagonal Reaches
  • Arm Circles
  • Teaser
Pilates Small Barrel Routine

Areas of Focus:

• Spinal Articulation & Abdominals
• Supine Leg & Core Exercises
• Prone Extension Exercises
• Side-Lying Exercises

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DVD Video

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DVD: Step Barrel Exercises and Magic Circle Routines

Step Barrel/Spine Corrector & Magic Circle Routines
2-Disc DVD Combo

Save $$$ when you order both of these two popular instructional discs together!

Jillian Hessel's Step Barrel/Spine Corrector Exercises and Magic Circle Routines workout videos have been digitally remastered to DVD. If you buy both discs together, you receive a $5.00 discount from the total price. This is a limited-time offer, so order today!

#W22 • $24.95


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