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Cadillac Techniques

with Jillian Hessel

DVD: Cadillac Techniques
DVD Video

On this disc, Pilates master Jillian Hessel shows you how to get the most out of your workouts using the Cadillac. The disc is accompanied by a handbook that lists each exercise in sequence with the video, describing the equipment set-up, body position, recommended repetitions, modifications, special cautions, and benefits for each exercise.
Now on DVD for the first time! Disc includes navigation menu to help you quickly find the exercises you're looking for.

Learn the in's and out's of this essential piece of advanced Pilates equipment.

About the DVD

Includes printed HANDBOOK!
Running time: 57 minutes
Level: Teacher, Advanced Student
Publisher: The Well-Tempered Workout

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As experienced practitioners know, Pilates equipment uses the resistance of springs to impose effort and to work the muscles. Along with the Wunda Chair and the Reformer, one of the most important and useful machines used in Pilates is the Cadillac, or "Trapeze Table." The Cadillac consists of a padded platform with a cage-like frame above it, to which various bars or straps are attached by springs.



The Cadillac apparatus which Jillian owns and on which she demonstrates on this video was originally built by JOSEPH PILATES himself and then passed down to Jillian by her mentor, Carola Trier.

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Routines on this clip:
Spine Lift, Hip Opener, Short Spinals, Cat Walkover.

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Follow along in Cadillac Techniques as Jillian Hessel performs:

  • The Roll Back Series
  • Spine Lift
  • Breathing 100's
  • Sit-up Combo
  • Swan Dive
  • Cobra
  • Cat
  • Bend and Stretch
  • Tower
  • Monkey
  • Mini Reverse Tower
  • Flying Eagle
  • Double Leg Springs
  • Short Spinals
  • Long Spinals
  • Magician Series
  • Single Leg Springs Supine
  • Side-lying Leg Springs
  • Breathing
  • Spread Eagle
  • Hanging Up
  • Hanging Down
  • Cat Walkover
Pilates Cadillac Lesson

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