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Carola Shares (Remastered)

with Carola Trier and Jillian Hessel

Get new insights into Pilates technique through the eyes of a first-generation teacher.

About the DVD

Running time: 1 hr. 54 mins.
Level: All levels of ability
Publisher: Jillian Hessel Pilates

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Master Teacher Carola Trier (who passed away at the age of 87 in October 2000), was one of Joseph Pilates' most revered students — and she was the first teacher trained by him to open a studio of her own, with his blessing. For years she operated her studio from a Manhattan west-side apartment, converting the seven-room space into what Dance Magazine called "a hybrid gymnasium/machine shop."

The Well-Tempered Workout is pleased to offer this exclusive re-release of the classic Pilates instructor video — in digitally remastered DVD! Footage is edited down from a two-day live workshop that Carola taught in California in 1989 at Kinetic Fitness Studios. The 2-hour video features Jillian demonstrating many of the routines and exercises with Carola.

Born in Germany in 1913, Trier was performing publicly as a contortionist and roller skater before her 12th birthday. Upon receiving her diploma from the Folkwang School in Essen, she toured Germany and France with professional cabaret acts. Following World War II, Trier came to the U.S. to continue her career. After a devastating knee injury, friends referred her to Joseph Pilates — and thus began her second career as a fitness instructor.

Mens Sana in Corpore Sano

In Carola Shares, Trier guides students through a variety of Pilates exercises, and describes her belief in Pilates' Muscle Contrology, which teaches not only that the mind and body must work together, "but that the mind will never be clearly working if the body is not also physically fit." Jillian remembers Trier as a maverick and an innovator, someone who ran her own successful business at a time when women were not considered the equal of men. She was also a gifted mentor who made lessons memorable with phrases like, "From the head to the heel, you are a piece of steel," which she used to described the Long Stretch.

Don't miss this exciting opportunity to enhance your knowledge of Pilates with this valuable historical resource.

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PRODUCT NOTE: This DVD was restored from an old VHS video taped live at one of the first Pilates Conferences offered in California in 1989. It contains rare footage of Master Teacher Carola Trier in an interview and teaching the workshop, and it has considerable historical value for Pilates Teachers to see how Carola Trier actually taught the work of Joseph Pilates. However, be aware that while this video has been remastered to the best modern standards, but it was originally recorded on archaic equipment, when video was in its infancy. Please forgive the sound and picture quality of this vintage footage.

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Carola Trier Poster

Recent reviews of Jillian's Carola Shares DVD

from YesPilates

YesPilates logo

"Carola Shares should be called
Jillian Hessel Shares"

If you think you are a really good teacher, watch someone actually taught by Joe teaching and pick up some powerful pointers in the newly released DVD by Jillian Hessel.... This is a labor of love and an important document.... If you missed Joe or Clara, Romana, Eve or Carola, don't miss this DVD. This is a must purchase for your Pilates knowledge!
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from Pilates Pro

Pilates Pro logo

With all of the valuable information Trier imparts in this DVD, the most mesmerizing part for me was simply watching Trier move. She describes the spectacular knee injury that led her to Joseph Pilates, but watching her glide off and on the Cadillac, kneel and push on her student and sit relaxed on the Reformer like a woman less than half her age, it should give anyone with an injury hope that with dedication to Pilates, maybe we can all be so agile and inspirational in our golden years.
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from Pilates Style

Pilates Style logo

"Not to be missed..."
Wish you'd had a chance to study with legendary first-generation Pilates teacher Carola Trier? Now's your opportunity to be a fly on the wall at Trier's remarkable two-day teacher-training workshop held in California back in 1989.... Watching Trier will humble even the most experienced Pilates instructor — we guarantee it.
[read review]

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Look Inside!

The Carola Shares DVD is divided into eleven sections:

Jillian Hessel with Carola Trier

Jillian with Carola Trier

• Introduction
• Interview with Carola
• Posture Analysis
• Breathing
• Mat Exercises
• Step Barrel/Spine Corrector
• Universal Reformer
• Cadillac
• Special Extras
• Auxiliary Exercises
• Concluding Remarks

The exercises shown on the disc spotlight the following routines and equipment:

  • Pliés on box at barre
  • Ball exercises for feet
  • Toe corrector
  • Magic Circle seated on chair
  • Chair exercises adapted from Matwork (Double Leg Stretch, Scissors, Single Leg Stretch)
  • Magic Circle standing at barre
  • Bean Bag
  • Breathing: Ribcage
  • Straw with Pinwheel
  • Abs Contracting
  • Matwork
  • Small Barrel
  • Reformer
  • Cadillac

Take a free tour of the Carola Shares DVD...

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Clip 1:
Introduction to the remastered DVD with Jillian Hessel, including discussion of the historical background.

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Clip 2:
Interview with Carola Trier from the Summer of 1989, at the age of 76.

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Clip 3:
Carola teaches the double leg stretch mat excercise with thigh massage.

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Clip 4:
Class demonstration of a footwork routine on the Universal Reformer.

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Carola Shares DVD

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