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Pilates Basics

by Jillian Hessel

New Full-color Edition!

Book: Pilates Basics

Master Pilates fundamentals as you strengthen, align, and balance from within.

About the Book

158 pages, perfect-bound
Dimensions: 8½″ × 11″
Published July 7, 2017 by
Well-Tempered Workout, Inc.
ISBN: 978-0-9984853-1-7

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Jillian is proud to announce the long-awaited second printing of her much-acclaimed book, Pilates Basics! The book features a new Introduction written by Jillian, but retains the original Forward written by her mentor, Kathy Grant, and all the original, beautiful "how to" photos and text. This book is also larger than the original, featuring an 8½″ ×11″ format and full-color photos printed on high-quality paper, with a glossy cover.

This book is a great gift for the beginning exerciser — but also a fabulous reference tool for Pilates teachers and enthusiasts.

Take advantage of free shipping (U.S. customers only) when you order the book on this website — just $34.95 for your very own personalized, autographed copy from Jillian. (Please indicate the desired dedication when you place your order.)

To inquire about bulk discounts on orders of 12 or more books, please email Jillian directly or call (310) 246-0082.

Why Pilates Basics Remains a Classic in the Pilates Canon

Want to have more energy and strength and look and feel better than you have in years? Then Pilates is for you! However, there are a handful of fundamental skills everyone must learn before they can reap the full benefit of Pilates — and this book lays them out in precise and inspiring detail. Developed by certified Pilates instructor Jillian Hessel, Pilates Basics is a series of exercises that anyone can do, regardless of fitness level.

Over the past three decades, Jillian Hessel has been honing her teaching and presentation skills to clearly convey in words and pictures the foundations of Pilates exercise: proper breathing, muscular initiation, alignment, and clean movement.

Pilates Basics is different from other books you may find on the bookshelf, because it is written especially for the novice — the person who has never practiced Pilates before, but is eager to learn. In this book, a postural analysis and a series of pre-Pilates fundamentals pave the way for the 21 matwork exercises that follow. Each exercise is accompanied by full-color photographis and detailed, step-by-step instructions.

Pilates for Beginners Video

Though written for beginners, this book is also an exceptional resource for Pilates teachers.

Printed on high-quality paper with glossy cover in the U.S.A.

The companion video for this book, Pilates for Beginners, is available for streaming at Amazon.

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Excerpts from the Text

Sample Pages

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Pilates Basics Preview 1 Pilates Basics Preview 2 Pilates Basics Preview 3 Pilates Basics Preview 4 Pilates Basics Preview 5 Pilates Basics Preview 6
Back Cover and
Table of Contents
"Pelvic Press" from
B.E.A.M. Fundamentals
"The Mermaid" from
Classic Matwork

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