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IDEA Health & Fitness Association

Idea Health & Fitness Association/February 2014

February 2014
(online article)

"The Spine Corrector And Pilates Arc "

by Jillian Hessel

Help clients go deeper into their practice with this fun, versatile piece of equipment.

The Pilates spine corrector (also known as the step barrel, or Pilates arc) is a small, adaptable Pilates apparatus that can enhance any workout. In this article, we'll explore different types of arcs and suggest various uses for each piece. Most clients love the variety of exercises the arc accommodates, and they also enjoy the extra mind-body challenge when a familiar mat exercise is transferred to the arc's rounded surface.


The spine corrector's curved surface creates a whole new challenge as you work with (or against) gravity on an incline or a decline, as opposed to the mat's flat surface. Therefore, clients can target range of motion in the hips, shoulders and spine from a new perspective. For example, when a classic Pilates mat exercise such as a roll-over is transferred onto the arc, you target core muscles in a completely different way. Working on the arc enhances mental focus, concentration and muscle recruitment....

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