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IDEA Health & Fitness Association

Idea Health & Fitness Association/April 2013

April 2013
(online article)

"The Magic Circle "

by Jillian Hessel

Use this fun piece of equipment to enhance your sessions and classes.

The Pilates magic circle is a versatile, portable and affordable piece of resistance equipment. Originally designed by Joseph Pilates himself, it can enhance just about any workout routine. Clients love using a new prop, and it's a fun way to refocus wandering attention. Before you introduce the magic circle to your students, be aware of the different types on the market today; they vary in weight, dimensions and resistance.

The original magic circle design consists of two to four bands of spring steel wound into a tight circle about 14 inches in diameter (Mr. Pilates probably used the type of metal bands that hold wooden barrels together). The circle has two wooden handles attached to the outside, bringing the overall diameter to approximately 16 inches. With four bands of steel, the circle weighs 2 pounds and can feel quite heavy to hold at arm's length or to lift overhead. Since the four-band version is also challenging to squeeze, it is recommended for strong male or advanced female clients....

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