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Jillian's Carola Shares DVD reviewed in...

Pilates Style magazine

Pilates Style Magazine

Carola Shares DVD

January/February 2009, page 95.


"No Excuses"

Wish you'd had a chance to study with legendary first-generation Pilates teacher Carola Trier? Now's your opportunity to be a fly on the wall at Trier's remarkable two-day teacher-training workshop held in California back in 1989.

Produced by renowned instructor Jillian Hessel as a tribute to her late mentor — Trier passed away in 2000 — the DVD features the history and accomplishments of the German-born Jewish master who studied with Joe for more than a decade.

Also included: footage from an interview at age 76 and the digitially remastered and edited footage from the conference, along with an impressive cache of archival photos.

Trier takes you through what Hessel calls "Carola's signature" (postural analysis) and an in-depth explanation of proper breathing. Not to be missed are Trier's detailed instructions of the classical repertoire of exercises on the mat and apparatus. You'll learn routines on the Step Barrel/Spine Corrector, Reformer, Cadillac and auxiliary exercises, while Hessel demonstrates the moves.

Watching Trier will humble even the most experienced Pilates instructor — we guarantee it.

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