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Private Mentoring Sessions with Jillian Hessel

Mentoring with Jillian
  • Are you feeling a bit stale, or "stuck in the same old rut" as a Pilates Teacher?
  • Do you currently have a client with physical issues that you've previously had little or no experience with?
  • Are you working so hard teaching that you barely have the time to take care of, or work out, your own body?
  • Are you traveling to Los Angeles California and want to meet and work with a veteran 2nd-generation Pilates teacher with a hugely eclectic background?

These are all terrific reasons to mentor with Jillian!

There are two different ways you may Mentor with "Hybrid of the Masters" Pilates Teacher Jillian Hessel:

  1. Schedule a Private Session with Jillian. Certified Pilates Teachers enjoy special courtesy rates.
    Note: Checks or cash only (no credit cards)

    Rates for Private Sessions

    Single 60-Minute Session $ 100
    Single 90-Minute Session $ 145
    Ten-Class Series (1 hour/$95 each)* $ 950
    60-Minute Duet Session (for two) $ 145
    90-Minute Duet Session (for two) $ 195

    To schedule a Private Session with Jillian, call the Studio at: 310-246-0082, or email her at:
    *All multi-session packages for teachers expire three months after purchase; and any unused sessions cannot be credited toward future sessions at the discounted rate. Expired sessions can, however, be credited toward future sessions at the regular Single 60-Minute Session rate of $100/hr.
    No refunds are offered on unused portions of pre-paid session packages without a written note from a doctor providing a valid medical reason for discontinuing Pilates training.

  2. Sign up for an intensive 3-day Keeping the Flame course. After you complete the course, Jillian will remain your Mentor for the rest of the year, via phone, Skype, or email. The fee for the entire 3-day retreat is $1,095.
    Note: For this program, ONLY Certified Pilates Professionals may apply. Each course is complete in and of itself. Individual PMA CEC certificates will be issued to the student upon completion of each Level of training.



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