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“After only a few sessions with
Jillian I gained so much core
strength and the awareness and
the powerfully proper way
to use it that I was finally
able to execute a
particularly tough
Pilates exercise that I
had been working on
for 5 years!”


Testimonials from Students

As a certified instructor who has always emphasized proper technique in her classes and workshops, Jillian Hessel has introduced a new generation to the real benefits of a disciplined approach to Pilates training. Here are just a few of the comments she has received from her students over the years.

Authentic Pilates

I feel very fortunate to have studied with you. I received authentic Pilates training and not a watered down fitness version.

— Stacie J.

Exciting Learning Experience

Thank you for the gift of your teachings. This concentration course has been an exciting and challenging learning experience. You are a wonderful and inspiring role model.

— Teri

Amazing Workshop

Thanks so much for your workshop. It was such a pleasure and an honor to be able to study with you. It was an amazing workshop. You are an extraordinary teacher — very clear and concise with the knowledge you have.

— Jennifer M.

Custom-tailored Pilates

I was an exercise dropout for decades. Motivated by guilt, I signed up at studios all over Los Angeles and New York and hated them all. Then I found Jillian and she tailored a program to address my body's individual challenges and needs. Six years later I'm still there, and when I'm out of town, I actually miss it. Imagine that!

— Phyllis K.

Wonderful Discoveries

I was really able to see and understand what your Fundamentals are, and I can really see you applying them in the exercises. It is the first time I have actually understood some of the exercises properly (like Knee Stretches, but also all those times you use the Posterior Pelvic Tilt to initiate the deeper abdominals). This is the best help I have found so far. I really feel like I had a lesson from the videos, they were so meaningful to me. So thanks for making them!... [cont'd. »]

— Thomasin LaMay

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Testimonials from Customers

Jillian Hessel's popular line of Pilates training videos and books are among the most effective on the market. With a clear, accessible teaching style and an engaging approach, she makes her time-tested techniques available to a wider audience — and puts the "fun" back into fundamentals. People who have bought her products consistently rave about them.

Finally, Pilates Well Explained!

The book Pilates Basics is a wonderful learning tool if you're interested in understanding Pilates deeply. As opposed to a lot of books out there which just list the exercises without going into too much detail, this one takes the time to explain the fundamentals behind the technique so you learn how to do it correctly. It is also very well illustrated, with good and bad versions of form, so you can see what you are supposed to do clearly. Very good for beginners to learn as well as for Pilates connoisseurs to review and use as a reference book.

— Manon Laplante

Building Strength to Counter Osteoarthritis

I am a letter carrier. Recently, I came down with a severe case of osteoarthritis in both knees. I have been doing many positive things to rebuild strength, and your Lower Body Workout video [now part of the Body Target: Hips & Thighs DVD] has been a tremendous gift. I do the workout at least once a day, and sometimes twice. My legs are stronger. Now I need to strengthen my upper body. Which video would you recommend? Thank you (and many thanks for that wonderful video).

— Carol C.

Kudos for Quality Pilates Instructional Aids

The production values of your Pilates for Beginners DVD and other workout videos are truly outstanding; and thanks to the clarity and deep knowledge shown in your Pilates Basics book, that is literally the only exercise manual I have ever been able to get through cover to cover. Keep up the good work!

— Frank W., Sunphone Records, NY

It's Never Too Late to Start Getting Fit

Thank you for your videos and now your new book. I have learned so much from you. I love the way you teach and encourage your students to perform the exercises correctly and get the most out of the movements. I hear your voice in my mind throughout the day reminding me to check my posture and hold those abs in! Your genuine concern for your audience really comes through.

I am 38 years old and am just now, with your help, learning how to be truly fit and hold myself erect. When I was younger I did hours of aerobics and ran 5-10 miles per day. Now that I have had two beautiful daughters and a busier schedule, I am finding the B.E.A.M. fundamentals to be irreplaceable. I am also teaching my girls what I am learning from you. It is my hope for my daughters that they will grow up being aware of their bodies; being able to move gracefully and with strength; and knowing how to stand tall. Again, thank you!

— Julie M.

A Turning Point

I contacted your studio initially because your intro to matwork book was so helpful in deepening my practice of Pilates that I was moved to thank you personally. Originally I ordered the Winsor tapes (late one cold snowy night from an infomercial, of course), and then after using them for a few months sought out info on a few other systems (Stott, Ana Caban, etc.). The real turning point (in terms of solidifying my commitment to consistent practice) came when I ordered your book in April.... [cont'd. »]

— Lisa M.

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Testimonials from Other Pilates Instructors

An acknowledged second-generation master within the Pilates community, Jillian Hessel has built a reputation through her workshops as a real "teacher's teacher" — as the comments below amply demonstrate.

In the Footsteps of Joseph and Clara Pilates

Coming to me as an injured dancer years ago has helped Jillian be a more inventive and patient teacher of Pilates exercise. Jillian had to work hard to get the concepts of Pilates into her body. She understands the potential fear, pain, and frustration of a beginning exerciser because she had to start over from the beginning to retrain her misaligned back. I'm proud of Jillian for carrying on in the spirit of Joseph and Clara Pilates. She makes starting Pilates easy, fun, and nonthreatening.... [cont'd. »]

— Kathleen Stanford-Grant, Pilates Master

Your B.E.A.M. Fundamentals Are Truly a Game Changer

After only a few sessions with Jillian I gained so much core strength and the awareness and the powerfully proper way to use it that I was finally able to execute a particularly tough Pilates exercise that I had been working on for 5 years! I even taped it because I was so excited to share the achievement with my friends and family!
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— Michelle Ames, PMA-CPT, Calabasas, CA


Thank you so much for the gift of knowledge. Your scoliosis workshop was brilliant! I will do my best to pass on what I have learned to scoliosis clients that walk through my door. I look forward to studying with you again.

— Katrina S., San Diego, CA

A Real Pilates Master

Jillian Hessel is an informative and inspiring Pilates teacher. She is knowledgeable, creative, and thorough. I have had the pleasure of not only being her student, but working alongside her as a teacher as well. I feel very fortunate and grateful for all she has taught me. She is a real Pilates master!

— Cheryl Montelle

Class and Integrity

Jillian's Learning from Two Masters has helped my teaching become more refined. My first teaching job was at a chiropractor's office, where each patient has very different and specific needs. Her tapes helped me through learning how to first view a body to see what it is capable of and how to improve the things it wasn't. She truly is a Master Teacher with an enormous amount of class and integrity. She has put the important information that you need into these tapes, yet keeps it light and fun with her charm and personality.

— Kimberlee C., Los Angeles, CA

Staying True to the Original Pilates Method

Jillian has been my instructor for more than a year. I have a lower-back injury that limits me physically, which has been very difficult for previous instructors to work with. Jillian has been very patient with me and has helped me to regain strength and confidence as well as identify and correct postural asymmetries. Although she has adapted to me and my limitations, her work remains challenging and diversified, which greatly contributes to my motivation and progress.

Her knowledge, as well as her ability to share it, continues to help me reach my own personal performance level as well as improve my own teaching skills. Jillian's Pilates background, combined with her open-mindedness to new techniques, allows her to stay true to the original Pilates Method while utilizing the benefits of modern research.

I am very proud to say that Jillian Hessel is my teacher and feel confident in the quality of training that I receive from working with her.

— Manon Laplante

An Important Teaching Tool

I am writing you this email as I have just finished watching your Cadillac video for the umpteenth time. I wanted to thank you, as it has become such an important teaching tool for me. I rely on it for all my Cadillac work and for the group Tower classes that I teach.... [cont'd. »]

— Robin R.

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