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Pilates Apparatus

Jillian Hessel demonstrates advanced Pilates poses and teaching techniques on the Cadillac, Universal Reformer, and Spine Corrector.

NOTE: The Cadillac featured in this slideshow was built by Joseph Pilates himself and was handed down to Jillian through her mentor, Carola Trier.

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Pilates Pose Pilates Pose Pilates Pose
Pilates Pose Pilates Pose Pilates Pose
Pilates Pose Pilates Pose Pilates Pose

The Pilates apparatus presents another big difference from the conventional gym workout, as most equipment in the gym uses either pulleys, cables, or weights as resistance, and the primary goal of all this pushing and pulling of weights is strength training. However, the Pilates apparatus uses variable-length (and gauge) springs to simultaneously lengthen and strengthen the muscles, as well as to improve joint flexibility and range of motion.

— Jillian Hessel

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