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Pilates Exercise Well-Tempered Workout
Pilates Video DVD and Book
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Pilates Basics


in a New Full-color Edition

Jillian is proud to announce the long-awaited second printing of her much-acclaimed book, Pilates Basics! The book features a new Introduction written by Jillian, but retains the original Forward written by her mentor, Kathy Grant, and all the original, beautiful "how to" photos and text. This book is also larger than the original, featuring an 8½″ ×11″ format and full-color photos printed on high-quality paper, with a glossy cover. This book is a great gift for the beginning exerciser — but also a fabulous reference tool for Pilates teachers and enthusiasts.

Take advantage of free shipping (U.S. customers only) when you order the book on this website — just $34.95 for your very own personalized, autographed copy from Jillian. (Please indicate the desired dedication when you place your order.)

To inquire about bulk discounts on orders of 12 or more books, please email Jillian Hessel directly or call (310) 246-0082.


Keeping the Flame Mentoring Program

March, June, and
November, 2018
Los Angeles, CA

Teacher Mentoring Program

Are you searching for an experienced mentor to broaden your scope of knowledge and help you create your own unique business approach? Come study with 2nd-generation teacher Jillian Hessel for an intensive multi-day immersion program, and continue to work with her as your mentor throughout the year. Enrollment for Level I, Level II, and Level III sessions is now open!


Pilates on the Ball

"Pilates on the Ball"

Join Jillian in this streaming IdeaFit video class as she incorporates a large stability ball into her workout — and discover the many ways the unstable surface of the ball can challenge a client's core stability and balance. NOTE: Use discount code W17PR50 for 50% off pricing!

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Pilates Anytime Mat Class

"Pilates Anytime"

Improve your workouts with Jillian on the mat, reformer, or cadillac with these fun and easy-to-follow videos. Or try Dance-ilates, an energizing fusion workout designed to stretch, tone, and strengthen your core and improve your posture. Pilates anytime, anywhere — sign up today!

30-day Free Trial — Coupon Code HESSEL »
View all of Jillian's Pilates Anytime Videos »

Jillian's DVDs on Gaiam TV

Jillian's Videos on Gaiam TV

Gaiam TV is now streaming a selection of Jillian's most popular Pilates workouts and interviews — and some of these titles are no longer available on disc or tape. Titles include:

  • A.M. & P.M. Pilates
  • Pilates Barre Workout
  • Pilates for Beginners
  • Lower Body Pilates

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Backyard Pilates

"Backyard Pilates"

Share Jillian's insights gleaned from over 30 years of teaching Pilates with these short online videos. Share with your friends, and subscribe to her YouTube channel for regular updates. And stay tuned for a special upcoming appearance featuring a mystery guest!

Pilates: The Road to a New You

::: What's New :::
Pilates Style/January 2017

Jillian makes matwork feel new again using the Reformer Box!

Read article for free »

Carola Trier Poster

Get inspired by these beautiful triptych art posters of master teacher Carola Trier demonstrating some classic Pilates poses on the reformer.
Learn more »

Take a class with Jillian!
Upcoming Workshops »

First developed in the 1920s by Joseph Pilates, a true fitness visionary, the Pilates Method is a strength and conditioning system that emphasizes:

  • coordination over calisthenics;
  • mind/body balance over physical "bulking up"; and
  • quality of motion over mindless repetition.

Long favored by dancers and athletes, this method of exercise has exploded in popularity in recent years among people from every walk of life, and of all body types and fitness levels. And the reason is simple: the exercises range from the easy to the demanding, yet all are enjoyable — and they get results. For regular practitioners, that means longer, leaner muscles, flatter abs, better posture, increased energy, and much more.

Welcome to

Visitors can learn much more about Pilates and the B.E.A.M. Fundamentals in the pages of this website. In addition, you will find here a wealth of illustrative photos, articles, video clips, sample workouts, and other Pilates-related resources. The site is constantly being updated, so enjoy your visit — and come back often!

::: Featured videos :::

Carola Shares

Cadillac Techniques

Carola Shares

On DVD Disc »

Streaming Video »

Cadillac Techniques

On DVD Disc »

Streaming Video »

Advantages of Streaming Video (via Pilates Anytime)

  • No need to spend money for travel to study with Jillian in person.
  • Big savings on wait time and long-distance shipping costs.
  • 30-day free trial for new subscribers!
    (Use Coupon Code #HESSEL)

Spreading the Word with B.E.A.M.

Jillian Hessel is a firm believer in sharing the proven health benefits of the Pilates Method with as many people as possible. She is a certified fitness instructor and "second-generation" Pilates Master who has studied directly under some of Joseph Pilates' most revered students, including Kathy Grant, Carola Trier, Eve Gentry, and Ron Fletcher. She even owns and teaches on an original "Cadillac" exercise apparatus built by Joseph Pilates himself!

She has been quoted in and written articles about Pilates for many magazines, from Allure to Yoga Journal, and has made numerous television appearances as well. Among other Pilates instructors, she enjoys a well-earned reputation as a "teacher's teacher," and she is much sought-after as a presenter at fitness conventions nationally and internationally.

Jillian has taught Pilates to group classes and individual clients since 1981. Her roster of past students includes housewives and husbands, dancers and athletes, celebrities and busy professionals. In addition, she has starred in many exercise videos that are sold in retail stores everywhere (and also available for sale online).

And with the publication of her first book, Pilates Basics, along with its companion DVD, Pilates for Beginners, Jillian is able to introduce her B.E.A.M. Fundamentals™ to a wider audience of learners. This unique approach to teaching Pilates melds the insights of her mentors with Jillian's own background in modern dance, ballet, yoga, and therapeutic exercise, making the workouts both more accessible and effective. "B.E.A.M." is an acronym that stands for:

  • Breathe — to establish the mind/body connection and breath pattern for each exercise.
  • Energize — to first bring up the energy level of the body and to suggest the visualizations that should accompany the exercise.
  • Align — to organize bones and muscles into correct form so the exercise gives maximum benefit.
  • Move — to perform the exercise in a controlled, fluid, and dynamic manner.

For years, Jillian's clients have benefitted from first performing the B.E.A.M. Fundamentals — and now you can too. These Fundamentals will enhance the mind/body connection to your core muscles. Once you have incorporated them into your routine, you can move more powerfully and with a deeper understanding onto traditional Mat and Apparatus work.

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